The Point of No Return

Saying “no” to the Ivies was easy.  Even Duke and Berkley held more attraction for me.  But Stanford cost me quite a few tears.  I suppose I should have known I would love it: the weather, the excitement of the students, the campus, the proximity to San Fransisco…  But I’d made up my mind, having reached a semi-official point of no return several days prior to my weekend trip to Stanford.  I was going to Cambridge.  I had brought the envelope containing my Reply Form (a “yes” of course) to the post office with somewhat shaky hands, and I wasn’t about to allow a single weekend’s love affair with California sun stop me.

Six months from now, I’ll be across the pond, trying my hardest to develop a British accent, making new friends, and possibly learning something about neuroscience.

So I thought I’d use what some call The Internets partly to share my experiences and likely culture shock with my American buddies (and whoever’s interested) as well as provide myself a gateway for my philosophical rants (I won’t see you close the window, so feel free to do so).

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