Scuttling through the crowded hallways, blinded by sparkly brightly-colored attire, surprised by sudden whistles to my right or horns blown behind me, I almost began to doubt I was in school.  Well, that’s how it always was on the last day of school for the seniors.  So why wasn’t I, also a senior, taking part in the joyous shrieks of my classmates?  Somehow, I’d lost my voice.  No, I wasn’t “a little hoarse”.  Nor did I have “a bit of a sore throat”.  And I wasn’t simply bothered by “a minor cough”.  I spent the entire day in silence.

Besides, today didn’t feel like my last day of high school.  Even ignoring the fact that I couldn’t voice my joy, I was (and still am) burdened by the thought of yet another AP test–as soon as Monday!  Physics review book, here I come.  So much for celebrating this weekend:  I’ve got to stay cooped up in my house and painfully sober as the first wave of summer parties rolls in.

Our lovely school administrators, on the other hand, did seem to experience the rush that usually accompanies the last week of school.  They commemorated the culmination of the end of the four years that they have stifled educated the class of 2011 by giving us a taste of prison.  A lockdown.  No one allowed to leave the classroom.  Not even to go to the bathroom.  No pranks allowed whatsoever.  (OK, I wasn’t even going to participate in any soon-to-be-famous senior prank, but just the fact that they went out of their way prohibit a bit of fun tempted to me risk suspension.  Too bad I lost my voice and couldn’t plan any marvelous mischief.)

But all these things won’t last in my memory, so I’ll briefly mention what’s actually important.  I loved my high school classes and I’ll miss my teachers (most of them, anyway).  I’ll have a hell of a summer and I’ll keep in touch with my friends.  I’ve already changed a lot during my four years of high school but I’m looking forward to the next few years.  All that remains is to keep an open mind and, well, see what happens.  I suppose I’ll keep you posted!

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