Freedom from Choice

Having a fun first few days of summer break?  Me too, while it lasts.  After all, I’m soon to have to start my recommended reading.  That’s why, for me, it’s already time to chose my first-year classes for college–sorry, “uni”.  Oh, the possibilities.  Actually, the decisions aren’t all that complicated.  Though NatSci is considered the most “flexible” major in Cambridge, I need to pick four classes out of a list of eleven (well, to be precise, I’ve got eight science options from which to take three, and I need to decide on one maths class out of three).

So here we go:  looks like I’m taking Physiology of Organisms, Evolution and Behaviour, Chemistry, and Mathematical Biology (ie: math applied to bio).

Where’s the art?  What about the foreign language requirement?  Well… not only am I not “required” to take any distribution classes, but also I’m not allowed!  And I really want to!  Lucky for me, King’s has a resident artist who has a studio and teaches classes.  And I might have the opportunity to learn Spanish (or maybe French) outside of class.

Looking forward to the fall–um… I mean autumn.

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