I’m Coming Home Again

I’m on a plane from San Francisco to Houston. Now, my senior project was in neither of these cities, and I’m clearly not getting any closer to Cleveland. Even after my project was officially over, the adventures continue; and though over the past two weeks, I definitely didn’t learn all there is to photography, damn, I wished I’d had a camera all through my unexpected visit to San Francisco.

I had come to Seattle’s airport Saturday morning, hoping to be home in time to cheer for the Science Olympiad team as they found out the result of the national competition. My layover in San Francisco was only an hour, so the detour didn’t seem too bad. Unfortunately, our plane was forty-five minutes late and I landed in the SF airport only to see the day’s last flight from SF to Cleveland pull out of the gate before my eyes. The “understanding” customer service offered to give me the pleasure of sitting around in the airport of my favorite city for seven hours after which they would ship me off to Las Vegas from where I could take a red-eye to Cleveland. Well, I wasn’t quite up to that. So, after a two hour wait in line and argument, I found myself on the Bart heading to downtown San Francisco (with hopes of leaving the next morning).

As I wandered through the streets, quite a few camera-worthy sights caught my eye: the gold tips of pollen on red blooms, the murals (or was it graffiti?) of the Mission District, the menu of the “Quickly” bubble tea cafe that took up the whole wall! Looking down the rows of Victorian houses, I considered the possible shots: to focus on the purple house, or would it be better to give a view into the distance to show the rainbow of colors the street displayed? Well, I didn’t have a camera, not even my point-and-shoot, let alone the SLR my mentor had lent me to practice during my stay in Tacoma.

While I only have memories from my short SF stint, I have more than enough pictures from my two weeks in Washington, not just showing the beauty of the state, but also providing an effective compilation of the different techniques I learned. Enjoy!

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