A [Broken] Window to my Soul?

My eyes hurt.

It’s hard to pinpoint a reason, since I haven’t been treating them all that well the past few days. First, there was prom, followed by after-prom, and then after-after-prom (my first all-nighter!), none of which was particularly soothing.  Finally, I got a good night’s sleep, but promptly turned on a strobe light and stared at it through closed eyelids.  Why?  Good question.  Aldous Huxley, in Heaven and Hell claimed it might produce nice colorful patterns (it didn’t really).

And then this morning, I repeatedly poked myself in the eye, a first attempt at contacts.  Once I got that over with, with only a slight feeling of discomfort, I went off to Case for my internship, where I stared through a microscope, making myself considerably dizzy for quite some time.

But it’s ok:  I just drank some carrot juice–an obvious antidote to all eye trouble… right?

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