“And by evenin’ see him gone”

There’s a trail of dead ants on the kitchen floor.

Now, I don’t blame my parents for wanting to get rid of the carpenter ant colony that suddenly sprung around (or should I say in) our house–I was equally anxious to retain my home and prevent nature from taking over quite yet, and when, last night, we noticed the first disoriented insect stumbling in circles to its death, I was relieved–not bothered.

But, well, that wasn’t the case this morning.  I was in no mood to witness the death of creatures with a stronger survival instinct than I.  The ants realized the danger and tried to escape the poison and were dying as they were crawling away.

Don’t get me wrong–I don’t regret taking from them their “right to live” or anything.  I don’t claim they have a mind or consciousness, but the fact that they were trying to survive when there was no way to do so… just is somehow disturbing.

“Well it hurts my heart to see a young man fall
Hurt me to my bones
To see him high in the morning
And by evenin’ see him gone”
–Tom Petty “High in the Morning”

Or maybe (let’s hope?), this behavior just proves that they’re inferior beings, that they can’t “accept fate”, that they can’t see the “uselessness of life”–

Then again, that helps with the continuation of the species, doesn’t it?  After all, the intelligent don’t have as many children, and can even suppress the ubiquitous survival instinct…  Ignorance is bliss?

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