Free Falling

Spinning, turning, falling.  Find your eyes and force them open.  A gun goes off somewhere in your head; your body resonates.  Time fragments.  The world shatters, and your surroundings glitter like broken glass.

Watch for patterns.  Dirt particles align themselves into straight lines; geometric shapes appear between the shifting leaves.  Oh, and don’t forget the checkerboard of overstimulation flashing at the outermost edge of your vision.

Be curious, mildly interested, but not surprised, never uneasy–

“Keeping an eye on the world going by my window”  -[Beatles]

Observe from afar.

“Wanna free fall, out into nothing
Gonna leave this world for a while” -[Tom Petty]

But there’s more to see!  Point out penguins in the clouds and elephants in the river current.

It’s all there.  Go discover it.

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