Out of Boat Experience

So you may remember my health complaints.  They were founded, and the next few days were miserable, but my hike was still pleasant.  SO MANY MUSHROOMS.  I was salivating.  Not really, but they were certainly appetizing.  It was beautiful–splashes of fungal color under the mesh of a pine forest.

And yesterday, I got back from my last overnight camping trip–not a hike this time.  I got to go WHITEWATER KAYAKING!  It was amazing.  First of all, we camped in style, with a bathroom with RUNNING WATER.  And then there was star-tripping again, which was awesome as always, except that I hit my head on the ground much harder than usual when I fell.  And I lived up to my new rebellious reputation by convincing one of the guys to accompany me on a short hike off the campground, which we were certainly not allowed to do.  (Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest idea–it was getting dark, there might have been bears, we got a bit lost, he apparently found ghosts… um).

And then…  kayaking the next day.  I, unlike others, did not have an OBE (out of boat experience), but the rapids were great.  Definitely beyond my comfort level, but wow.  The current, the splashes, the landscape, the adrenaline.  ALL OF IT!

Off to DC tomorrow for a final excursion before I return to dear Solon, Ohio…

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