Red Eyes and Torn Bracelets

Well, I’m home.  Unlike the other delegates, I did NOT have a sleepless night–my parents found me and took me to a hotel to get some rest, while the everyone else partied in the YMCA…  Don’t know if I missed out.  Still, my eyes are stinging today, and I can’t suppress nearly all my yawns.

Yes, I will remember everyone!  (Even if you didn’t give me that bracelet!  And don’t worry, I’ll attach it to my wrist as soon as I get some agility back in my fingers.)  The past month was incredible, even if I didn’t cry nearly as much as after CTY.  I hope to continue getting to know my fellow delegates, now that the staff won’t be able to prevent us from forming closer relationships.

So I know that during camp, I was not able to very effectively update this blog, but instead of summarizing my experience, I’m going to type up some of what I wrote in a notebook I had with me in the wilderness of Camp Pocahontas.

10 things I learned in the past month (not necessarily in order of usefulness):
1.  I can’t camp for more than two days, because there are some things that are better done in a stall.
2.  I can, however, do a two day hike, but I prefer a bit more privacy than an apple tree.
3.  If it doesn’t make me throw up, I can eat it.
4.  I can kayak over level 3 rapids without flipping over.
5.  I can maintain a conversation in Spanish.
6.  If I want to, and have some rope and a belaying device, I can keep someone from falling off a cliff.
7.  There are people I would not mind throwing off a cliff.
8.  “Night Swimming” isn’t as appealing after the dew and the temperature have fallen, especially when I don’t have a swimsuit.
9.  It is much easier to fill up a bottle from a water fountain than from a creek with a filter and a pump.  Also, I need a bigger water bottle.
10.  Fractals are “somewhat psychedelic” and awesome.

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5 Responses to Red Eyes and Torn Bracelets

  1. Soham Roy says:

    Awesome post!! I miss you and love you ❤

  2. I miss you too! Can’t wait to randomly bump into you again somewhere! ❤

  3. Agree, awesome post! And number 3 is so true! jaja
    You missed a really good party, but remember chilean ones are waiting for you!
    I feel better now that I know my (your) bracelet is alive
    Love you mom ❤

    • Aww, I was hoping you’d say number 5 was true! 😉
      I wish I could’ve been at the pool party, but the sleep was nice too. I’ll do my best to visit!
      Love you too!!

  4. I loved the post! I read the others from camp they describe perfectly the sensations. About the begining, yes you missed the ymca, i will never forget the faces of my chilean partners after you left, and about 5, some people told me you speak almost like a native! so im looking forward to chat jaja keep being awesomeeee!!!!

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