Can’t Recall the Name (July 8)

Last night, during snack time, three of us switched nametags.  One of the staff walked by, commenting that one of the boys didn’t look like Rebecca, but walked away, paying little attention to our mischief.  Not everyone was quite so lenient, though.  Three female staff members soon pounced on us, confiscating our tags and lecturing us on respect and how we shouldn’t try to confuse people.

In the end, we got our nametags back this morning with only a warning  (because 10 other people had lost nametags that day, and they had too many punishments to distribute already) but that didn’t stop us from bitching about it for the next few minutes–they keep telling us to try new things, live in the moment, have fun, etc, but then threaten to send us home for something entirely innocent.

Comparison after comparison to CTY…  the activities here are fun and exciting, but the atmosphere?  CTY wins hands down.  Here, we aren’t even allowed to form close relationships–instead, we know nothing about everyone.  We make many acquaintances, but few friends.

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