It’s No Secret (July 7)

Ok, I understand that they want to “surprise” us periodically.  Once they drove us on cramped buses to a scenic hill where we later learned a civil war battle had taken place.  Here we picked wild blueberries and ate an only slightly tolerable soggy dinner in the rain.  Yesterday, we wandered in a “follow-the-leader” manner around camp to get to a rather unimpressive campfire where we failed at singing some of my favorite songs.  Really guys, respect the rests!  And now… another “Out of Camp Experience”?  I’m getting tired of the dizzying drives on winding roads with three people to a seat on buses and the uncompromising weather which always results in either drenched clothes or sunburn.

Rock (a few hours later)
Surprise!  Never mind my disapproval of  the secrecy–the surprise was amazing.  Imagine huddling on the muddy floor of a dark cavern, wiping off the water dripping from the ceiling.  And then–a light shines in a corner, a spotlight on a man in a fedora, holding a guitar, smile hidden by a microphone.  The concert that followed was incredible.  Peter Mulvey’s music is fantastic, and the atmosphere only augmented the experience to near-spiritual.  Time to buy the album Letters from a Flying Machine.

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