And like such as…

Why pour out all our anger on one t-shirt design.  (See video:  Girls who want to be seen in shirts like the one JCPenney was required to remove from their shelves have other outlets for their self-humiliation:  shorts with the descriptions of “sweet buns” or “hottie” ‘and like such as’.

Generally, you are what you wear, whether it is hipster glasses or Miss America crown…

I must admit, I have been entered (though I guess I have repressed these memories over the years) into two “beauty pageants” in my life and was named the winner of both.  The first was at the innocent age of 1, when I was the “cutest baby in the park”.  My dad had a fit.  The other time was at the ripe age of 2 and a half, when my great-grandfather sent in my picture and a funny conversation with me to a Russian newspaper.  Once again, I won (this time nationally, not just park-wide), my great-granddad sent my parents the newspaper clipping, and… well, yes, my dad had a fit.  Even worse than before.  And that was the end of my early progress toward Miss America.  Just to think I could’ve been bumbling and stuttering on national TV rather than deciding between Mathematical Biology and Math A…

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