It’s the Final Countdown

Now that the time before I leave for Cambridge is measured in days rather than months or weeks, I notice how much I have left unfinished that I intended to accomplish this summer.

I still don’t speak fluent French.

I haven’t read nearly all the books I meant to explore.

The pile of unwatched movies is far greater than the few I’ve seen.

The completion of the one painting I attempted since school ended will have to wait until I return for winter break.

However, I’d say the summer has not been entirely unproductive.  I got to army crawl through narrow passages in caves; I successfully navigated level 3 rapids in a kayak; I survived camping backpacking trips despite the lack of toilets, the unmanageable tents, and the startripping; and I returned to the piano for the first time in four years.

Now I’m all ready to set off for Cambridge.  T- 5 days.

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One Response to It’s the Final Countdown

  1. It’s definetly not a loss if you got to go caving 🙂

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