Thursday’s Child

I haven’t moved to Cambridge yet, but I’ve started familiarizing myself with “their ways”…

I found out that the Cambridge week starts on Thursday.  What?  My whole life, I’ve heard the universal complaint about Monday, the return to the work-week.  Now I have to get used to the rearrangement.

And that’s not the only way my week will be screwed up.  I now have to give up my treasured Saturday-morning sleep-in.  Yes, I have lectures on Saturdays.  Well, at least (I hope) I have Saturday night open, and the next day to relax for as long as I want… until I have to get up to write my, uh, biology essays (how exactly does one write a biology essay?).  Also, it seems the mentality of “work on weekdays, have fun on weekends” is not nearly as predominant as I am accustomed to. Rather, they spread both studies (did I mention they refer to “studying” a subject as “reading” it?) and entertainment throughout the week; hence I already got Facebook invitations to events on all seven days of the week.

Now I just want to stop wondering and find out what it’s like for myself.   T- 3 days.

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