When Tomorrow Comes

This has been the last full day and is about to be the last night spent in my house, in Solon, and in the country.  (Admittedly, the following night, I’ll be somewhere in “Nowhere Land”, seeing as though a large chunk of it will be lost, as I will spend it between time zones and nations, trying desperately to doze off in an uncomfortable airplane seat.)

So how did I spend the final day before entering a new phase of life?

Uh, besides eating large quantities of apples, reading Cracked.com articles, and ignoring the blank space on my unfinished painting and the still opened French textbook, I actually did something befitting of a last day:  I visited my high school.

I had asked my English teacher from two years ago to let me into the building, and well, there I was, having woken up before 10am for the first time since the early wake-up music at camp, walking through the familiar hallways (as always, without a pass), and peeking into my old classrooms.

Most things were the same as I remembered–pompous senior boys playing ping-pong instead of doing their homework at study hall, swarms of back-packed students rushing in vain to make their next class before the bell, my biology teacher asking me to mail him a classmate’s vital organs…

But I noticed some changes.  My art teacher had retired and was replaced by one of those elementary-school types who thinks “good job” is the best criticism.  I was allowed to walk into the chemistry lab without goggles.  Students and teachers alike asked me what I was doing in school.

Well, I won’t be around for long.

Cambridge:  T- 1 day!

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