Something Good Coming

Ok, so I tried to write a blog a few days ago by this name with some Cambridge pictures, but for some reason, I was unable to.  They’re on Facebook.

Anyways, I’m slowly piecing together a schedule.  Today was my first day of lectures, and it’s still not over:  I have an “Examples Class” for mathematical biology (and a week from now, a supervision will be added to the mix).

While I might expect to be only more overwhelmed than before now that I see before me weeks crammed with work, I’m actually feeling a bit better.  Less out of place, now that I’m starting classes.  So far, the whole experience felt almost like an “Admit Weekend” in itself, and I subconsciously found myself thinking that I would back out and choose Stanford after all.  And every time I told myself that I couldn’t, that this was it, I would suddenly feel paralyzed.

Not that I haven’t been enjoying myself.  On the contrary, I’ve had a great time–capsizing into the river Cam from my kayak or relaxing in a boat (punt) while a friend struggled to maneuver it through the inky nighttime water (you couldn’t see the seaweed at night).  I’ve started exploring the city, getting free samples from the fudge shop.  But somehow… I was still worried.  Now that classes are starting, I might finally get used to the idea that I’m actually here to study, for the next three years.

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