Late Night

It’s not that it’s difficult for me to imagine doing chemistry at 8 in the evening.  After all, I’ve taken AP chemistry, when some “late-night” (or not even all-that-late) studying was inevitable.

But last night’s hour of chemistry was not spent peacefully in my room, in a circle of light from the dim desk lamp.  No, it involved a twenty minute trek to the Cambridge’s chemistry department to be quizzed on topics, some of which I, being the disadvantaged American, have not previously studies in school.

See, when I don’t have to wake up early the next day (which is the case for Tuesday and Thursday nights), I think I’d like to stack all my folders away and, well, enjoy Cambridge, without having to worry that a few hours later, I’ll have to wrap myself up in coat and scarf (this bit might become more pleasant after I get myself a college scarf) and brave the elements (ok, so last night’s weather wasn’t too bad, but just you wait) to think about orbitals and spectra, rather than the music currently deafening all other King’s students.

Oh well, at least this weekend (uh, what weekend, I have lectures on Saturday), I’ll try to relax with some yoga.  Unless, you know, my immune system actually is shit and I’m about to get sick.

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