Magic Dance

I found myself missing my summer dance classes, and when the opportunity came up to go to a salsa class, I thought the idea was great.  After all, I didn’t have to be anywhere yesterday evening.  I hadn’t been able to buy tickets to the Formal Hall my friends were excited for, so instead of dressing up for a nice dinner, I headed across Cambridge to search for St. Matthew’s Primary School–where the salsa classes were held.

The first problem was time.  See, I hadn’t quite realized that there was anything farther away in Cambridge than the chemistry department.  St. Matthew’s Primary School was rather farther away.  The second issue concerned my sense of direction, which was at its usual low.  Well, with a bit of wandering, I found the place–given away by the horde of little boys playing basketball.  Walking into an open hallway, I noticed paired adults.  And a lack of music.

I stood in the doorway, explaining that since I was so late, I would just observe this time, and dance next time.  “Watch carefully” they told me.

I watched.  And after a few minutes, made my way back to King’s, realizing that the pace of these lessons was about the same as the one I attended with a few octogenarians.  These students still had all their own joints, but were struggling with the basic step.

I still couldn’t eat dinner at King’s–the formal was still going on, so I ended up having mushroom soup and tiramisu at an Italian restaurant with some friends.  While it was a nice evening (including the jazz at the King’s bar afterward), I am looking forward to the Halloween Formal next week.

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