Table Matters: Bubble Tea to the Rescue

“On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners.”
George Mikes

Though most often, I eat at King’s Hall, the cafes scattered along Cambridge streets are terribly inviting.  Sometimes, I give in to temptation and have myself a nice lunch.  For example, this week, excluding the exciting Halloween-based food at superformal, I’d say my best meal consisted of this lovely concoction at HK Fusion.  Well, the seafood was all right, but the bubble tea was fantastic.  It satisfied my bubble tea withdrawal.  It’s still totally my favourite drink!  (Also, I had great company!)















I would like to mention that this was restaurant food.  My own experiments with cooking haven’t gone so well.  I wasn’t even trying anything extravagant.  A simple toasted sandwich… who knew it could fail so badly, and make my entire room smell burnt.

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