Mad Scientists

Last night, the King’s Natural Scientists gathered at an Indian restaurant for a pleasant dinner… or not.

While I do wish I could have snapped a few pictures of the evening, I do not regret my decision to leave my camera in the safety of my room, away from flying coins and spilled wine, broken glass and misplaced shoes.

In anticipation of the dinner at Mahal’s, biologists and physicists alike (and a stray engineer) first headed to the nearby supermarket to stock up on wine and paid in such a way as to maximize the number of pennies they received as change, for these would come in handy later in the evening, when forcing their counterparts to down glass after glass to save the queen (in penny form) from a tragic death-by-drowning.

Then we donned our lab coats and made our way through Cambridge to the lovely spot by the river, where we would have our meal.

Of course, the meal was by far not the goal of the evening.  By the time we demanded that our food be brought to us, several glasses had been shattered by well-aimed pennies and overenthusiastic toasts, several shoes had been used as drinkware (as a just penalty for whoever was last to place said shoe on his head), several ceiling panels were crumbling over our heads as we stood on our wobbly chairs and spilled our wine.

At last, we shouted at each other to sit down and ravenously accepted our food.  Some was eaten, some was thrown.

Finally, we finished off our curry and our bottles, filed out to the courtyard, and returned to King’s, in various stages of disorientation, some of us supporting others, some nursing battle wounds inflicted by similarly tipsy townies, some (well, one) carrying a stolen restaurant chair.

The rest of the night involved putting to bed those who needed it, mingling in the College bar, and wandering around Cambridge in search for more cheap food.  I’d say it was a success.  Or at least a good time for those of us who managed to retain sobriety.

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