Where Do You Stand?

I finally went to another debate (about the future of nuclear power) at the Union, and this time, I got a fantastic view, sitting right behind the opposition, who supported nuclear energy.  I had walked in, feeling pretty confident about the benefits of nuclear energy, and walked out through the middle door, for those of us who couldn’t decide.  The proposition, after all, wasn’t arguing in favour of fossil fuels.  Rather, they supported renewable energy as opposed to nuclear to replace coal, implying the potential damage to the environment that nuclear energy could cause, both in CO2 production and in waste removal, as well as its being unsafe.  The opposition didn’t counter any of these points, and only emphasized the dangers of fossil fuels, and the need to provide more people with a source of energy.  I even stood up to comment that the debate was no longer “coal vs. nuclear”, but rather “nuclear vs. renewable energy”, and that since everyone already agrees about the problems with burning fossil fuels, we can stop talking about coal.  Overall, though, it was a very good debate, and I was very glad to attend.  I hope to go to a few more in the future.

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