Leave It for a While

I have three hours before I leave London.  I am sitting in an airport pub, sipping Earl Grey (did I seriously just put milk in my tea?), and am already reminiscing about my first term at Cambridge.  On the bus ride, I felt like I was leaving home.  All at once, I can’t wait to see my family and friends in the states, I already miss Cambridge life as I have grown used to it, and I really need a break!  I’m exhausted–that’s probably why Cambridge terms are so short.  This past week, however, though hectic, was a hell of a great time!

Last Sunday evening, I headed to the Occupation, where we were first serenaded by musicians of various skill and style.  Then, an activist from London discussed her views, but was outdone in feminism by the students in the audience, who often disagreed with her definitions of rape.

Tuesday and Wednesday were movie nights (Tideland and Pulp Fiction, respectively), and Wednesday, before watching the movie, I went to Christmas Superformal, because Cambridge doesn’t have the same schedule as the rest of the world.  The Formal, as most Superformals, involved large quantities of food and wine, followed by music and dancing.

The next night, I went to another Union debate, the result being that all drugs should be decriminalized.  Both sides were friendly and humourous.  Only one speaker, the very last, opposing decriminalization, made a mistake (possibly costing his side the victory, by discrediting their points):  when he made a particularly strong claim and was questioned about his source, he waved his hand and said “I don’t know, Wikipedia”.  Well, that was that.  I returned to my hostel in time for Secret Santa, went to a birthday party, and finished the night dancing at a club a few steps away from my hostel’s door.

Friday was a fantastic culmination of this term, with King’s Mingle, a 9pm – 2am party with three rooms of music and dancing (the bar, a basement “cellar”, and a room where the DJ took turns with live bands).  Finally we filed out of college, but somehow, without thinking, three of us ended up running across the front lawn (not allowed) and climbing into the fountain (definitely not allowed).  This was followed by a trip to McDonald’s and sitting in the common room of my hostel until a terrible hour (I like to think that I was simply readjusting to the Eastern time zone a bit early).

Yesterday was a day of packing and goodbyes, this time (unlike after camps), knowing we would all shortly return, to resume the packed, stressful, exhilarating life that we have already come to love.

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