Day after Day

It’s been a hectic week.  So much so that at one point yesterday evening, after a day of four lectures, a practical, yoga, a chat at a pub, and a nighttime service in our lovely King’s Chapel (where I stuffed my anti-religious views to the back of my mind as the carved ceiling glowed with candlelight and echoes), I found myself genuinely confused about whether it had been the same morning that I had been gulping my coffee in a maths lecture.  Then again, the confusion might have been a symptom of the cold sneaking up on me.  I hadn’t realized I was getting sick–I thought the feeling in my throat was from my overenthusiastic karaoke singing the night before (the culmination of an evening of drinking with our provost, and wolfing down Chinese food as part of Formal Hall).  Possibly, the real reason was the kayaking we did that morning in -3 degree weather, with splashes of water freezing on our boats.

And today, despite a head full of goo, I mashed, centrifuged, and pipetted plant matter as part of my physiology practical, and then ran to catch a philosopher arguing against the notion of qualia (the subjective, ineffable experiences we all seem to have when we see a red apple or smell that irresistible coffee).

But, of course, not even a busy week and a throbbing brain could make me forget the karaoke pictures!

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