California Dreaming

The first (or, in the case of Cambridge, maybe only) snowfall of the season is irresistible.  Everyone abandoned all other plans to enjoy it.  The people of Cambridge found themselves skipping through the nighttime flurries, pelting each other with snowballs, creating (or simply gazing at) giant snow-men/dogs/cats, or, as I had done, wandering through town with a camera.  Even the gown-adorned fellows of King’s took advantage of the snow and their grass-walking privilege to build snowmen on the front lawn.

And then, nothing’s better than warming up with hot tea, a feminist magazine, and of course, some wonderful music.

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3 Responses to California Dreaming

  1. David says:

    Where did the music people come from?

  2. Oleg says:

    Beautiful photos. Well done, Rebeqqa! 🙂

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