When I opened my email and read the list of Plenary speakers for the Toward a Science of Consciousness conference this April, I nearly fell off my chair.  Not only do I get to look forward to hearing talks by Leonard Mlodinow, Ned Block, Victor Lamme, and Anthony Jack, but also I’ll get the chance to see Susan Blackmore, who just about inspired my interest in neuroscience.  After all the afternoons I’ve spent revisiting sections of her textbook on consciousness, watching TED talks and crossing my fingers for an update on her website, and surreptitiously reading her books under high school desks, I think I deserve this chance to act the fan-girl.  However, I’ll stop now before I actually do fall off my chair and get a concussion and by some form of slippery slope, ruin my chances of going to this conference at all.  I’ll come back to this thought mid-April, hopefully equally, if not more excited.

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