When I Look to the West

Looks like the English cold and rain are contagious… First, I chose the one rainy weekend in Duke to visit, and then I brought the weather to Cleveland.  The previous week was in the 80s–definitely air conditioning temperature, but as soon as we drove over, it dropped 40 degrees, and we had to turn on the heating…

Though we only stayed a few days, I did visit some “old haunts”–the Cleveland museum of art, where there was a wonderful Rembrandt exhibition, which allowed the viewer compare Rembrandt’s work to that in a similar style.  The night before, a show at the Convergence-Continuum in Tremont got my attention, and my dad and I ended up sitting through two hours of the strangest linguistic mess I’ve ever enjoyed.  Almost poetic in style, The Hyacinth Macaw chose words based more on their sound than their meaning, creating a sometimes nonsensical, yet charming effect.

But perhaps my most interesting adventure occurred today–I drove most of the way back to Washington DC from Cleveland (though my parents did take over occasionally).  Embarrassingly enough, it was my first time on the highway, but I’m happy to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought!

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