France: Belated Attention

I was intending to write a post about my visit to Lyon (and surrounding areas) immediately after I returned to Cambridge on the Easyjet flight.  I’d even started typing it out while waiting for the coach to pick me up.  But, upon falling back into the Cambridge bubble, I forgot about the outside world, and got caught up with the stress that Exam Term brings.

So instead of a formal post about my trip, I’ll just put up a few pictures a day, because the places I visited were pretty, and I like to pretend I’m too busy studying to write.

The first day we were there, we strolled through this beautiful park in Lyon:

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One Response to France: Belated Attention

  1. jjhiii24 says:

    What a lovely thought you had to share such beauty with your readers! Your temporary escape from the Cambridge bubble was, no doubt, worth every effort it took to get there, and I hope you returned to the bubble refreshed and mentally rested enough to benefit your performance in the Exam term. It has been shown in recent research that, by far, the most beneficial strategy for success in test environments is to arrive in them as fully rested as you can be.

    I have been enjoying your writing recently and particularly your themes from the lyrics to “Homeward Bound,” one of my most favorite songs from Simon and Garfunkel. Your talent for writing is in no danger of diminishing while you attend to your exams, and I hope you will share your tales from France once you are able to focus on them without distraction.

    Regards…..John H.

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