An Affair to Remember

The night following the John’s May Ball was arguably even more fun.  Rather than wobbling on high heels and tripping on floor-length gowns, guests came to King’s Affair dressed as all sorts of animated characters, adding to the creative decorations transforming the front lawn.

Indeed, the normally immaculate grass of the front lawn was filled with bumper cars, food stalls, inflatable bouncy castles, and dancing (or stumbling) students in brightly coloured costumes.  And the silent disco and indoor dance floors provided relief on the off-chance that the night became too cold.

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One Response to An Affair to Remember

  1. jjhiii24 says:


    I have been following along and enjoying enormously your reports and images of all your travels and activities, and your choice of costume in this case, which evokes the yellow submarine motif, was refreshingly original and creative! Bravo!

    You totally rocked the floor length gown affair also, though, and you seem to have quite a flair for both fashion and fun. I loved your dress and your photography is very skillfully composed and well done. I suppose somewhere in between all this you are also becoming well-educated and preparing for the “real world.” I recommend that you cherish every moment of this fabulous opportunity, and I would be very glad to hear of your academic progress also.

    I have been fairly steady at my work on my blog, but not having nearly as much fun as you. I must report that my own experience at the university level wasn’t anywhere near as interesting as yours seems to be, but I did have my share of educational opportunities outside the classroom, and found many of them, at times, more useful and educational.

    Please continue to share these wonderful adventures of yours with us. I can’t help but feel a real sense of pride in your accomplishments, particularly as a student from America in another country. You represent what is best about America–working to better yourself, to educate yourself, and showing your fellow students one of the better parts of our citizenry.

    Warm regards…..John H.

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