East, Such a Mystery

It may have taken a few days for Cambridge students to recover from their May Week hangovers, but there is it was, the day we finally had to leave.  Though each of our holidays was nearly as long as the term, summer loomed as the most threatening, somehow a fuller pause to our lives at Cambridge.

It was with little remorse that I said goodbye to Spalding, my Escher-like hostel (in which I never did meet a Bowie-esque King of the Goblins), but as I dragged my suitcase to the train station, I did look around at my surroundings as a home I was temporarily forced to leave.  Any doubts from first term had dissipated, and I already looked forward to returning in the autumn.

But first, I had another week of leisure to look forward to.  The next five days were to be spent exploring Berlin with a friend from the States.

The first few days evoked from my friend many a complaint about the weather–in contrast to Ohio summer, the rain and cold must have been more than a minor annoyance.  Nonetheless, we did catch some blue skies, even on the first day, so I was able to pull out my camera once in a while.  Here are a few of the less rainy moments of the first day–the television tower (visible from everywhere in the city), the Brandenburg Gates, and a few other views. 

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