Yes, it’s a time for fun

The next day, we started by going to a contemporary art museum, where we enjoyed (or at times pretended to enjoy) the works of Warhol, Rauschenberg, and other artists.

After getting tired of the effort involved in understanding the symbolism of unintelligible paintings, we headed to the Holocaust memorial.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to walk among the columns and explore the underground museum, because our reservation for lunch at the cafe on the roof of the Reichstag was coming up.

The lunch (once we ran to the building and got through all the security) was excellent, if expensive, and allowed us to skip any queue to get into the dome.

Finally, we decided we’d had enough of sightseeing for one day, and returned to the park we went to the previous day.  Here we stumbled upon a group of stones, which apparently, on June 21 each year, reflect light between each other and similar stones in their countries of origin, thus uniting the world with rays of light.

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