There’s No Wall in Front of You

When we woke up on Thursday morning, it was nearly noon, and we had to hurry if we wanted to get to that walking tour I found online.  Finding the meeting spot near Starbucks already proved to be an adventure, but eventually, I got my brunch frappuccino and granola bar.  My friend however ordered tea, which he insisted he could not drink in the five minutes before the tour started.  That and he didn’t see the point of learning random facts about the Berlin graffiti.  So I left him in Starbucks and went to join the group at the meeting point.

The tour turned out to be fantastic.  Our tour guide told us anecdotes about buildings, parks, and street art that a touristy guide book would neglect to mention.  In Kreuzberg, we learned about a park dedicated Carlo Gulianni, who had been killed by police during a peaceful protest in 2001.  Nearby, we found a treehouse and vegetable garden built on an area of “no man’s land” by a Turkish man when the Berlin Wall came down.  We passed works of art by commissioned (and not) street artists, discovering such artists as Alias with his distinctive stencils, El Bocho (responsible for Little Lucy dotting the streets), and Victor Ash (commissioned to paint the astronaut on a wall in Kreuzberg).

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One Response to There’s No Wall in Front of You

  1. jjhiii24 says:

    You were absolutely right about the tour–the images are fantastic! The range of talent in the artwork is impressive, and I noticed that even when the graffiti artists add commentary or signatures in the vicinity, they avoid the main body of the work. Street artists are not as constrained by limits as conventional artists sometimes can be, but it seems they do at least have some unwritten rules.

    My favorite image of the group is the one with you in it, as it seems to bring all of the most appealing aspects of your posting together in one image. Talk about fantastic!

    Great job!…….John H.

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