Shooting Stars and Cloudy Skies

Two years ago, I sat with a friend by a lake, the Grateful Dead playing from a speaker on the grass by our feet, and stared at the night sky.  We waited.  It was the night the Perseid meteor shower was supposed to peak, and it was to be the first I would witness.   And as predicted, a glowing streak appeared across the entire sky.  We cheered.

Later that night, I forced my eyes open at 2am to trek to the even-darker golf course to watch the meteors flash all through the sky.  I dreamt of the stars falling for months.

Last night, I hoped to get another chance to see this fantastic meteor shower, and clicked “refresh” to check the weather every few minutes.  In the end, I guess I was out of luck–had I spent my summer in Cambridge, rather than coming home, I’d have had beautifully clear skies, despite the English weather stereotypes.  Maybe in November, if the weather holds up (though it probably won’t), I’ll drag my friends out onto Grantchester meadows to see the Leonids.  Either way, November 17 (a Saturday!) is marked on my calendar!

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