Is your glass half empty? Or is it half full?

It’s been a while since I had the time or energy to write, or take pictures, or draw–I’ve been swamped trying to keep up with essays and reading and practicals, and still find a bit of time to get some fresh air (and maybe even sleep on occasion).

But Wednesday was Halfway Hall, a night where we celebrate being halfway done with our life at Cambridge (at least for those of us doing three-year degrees) by dressing up,  eating surprisingly good food accompanied by surprisingly bad wine, and apparently revisiting the middle school convention of assigned seats.  Anyway, here are the pictures showing everyone eating too much and drinking too much and not-at-all minding the seating charts (which actually turned out to be a great way to catch up with all the friends who had been neglected during essay-crisis after essay-crisis).

After finishing dinner and drifting between tables with my camera, I made my way to the already crowded bar, where a really really good jazz band made the claustrophobia worth it.  At least for a short while.  Eventually, when contemplating buying a drink, a friend suggested we go elsewhere, with better drinks, and where we might actually be able to talk or even think without screaming over the music.  So off we went to Vaults, where I totally didn’t forget my camera and have to race back to get it.

Halfway hall is of course only a symbol and an excuse to party, but I suppose any event is.  So we can take out of it whatever we want.  Personally, thinking that I’m halfway through college is kinda terrifying.  But it also means I really should start making time to get a bit more out of life.  Last year, I spent my time sulking in my room and getting nothing done; more recently, I’ve been entirely drowned in my work, and found myself abandoning everything I thought I cared about.  Well, I expect to change:  though I guess I can make no promises, I’ve already dug out my sketchbook, charged my camera, and wrote my first blog in months.  It’s a start?


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2 Responses to Is your glass half empty? Or is it half full?

  1. Brad Stanton says:

    actually the glass is full, half full with air, half with water, hahaha

  2. jjhiii24 says:

    What a wonderful surprise to see your post this evening! It must be tough having to slug your way through your studies, and still try to attend to your other interests as well. I definitely think you’ve made a good start now though and the saying is that “well begun is half done,” so you are right on the mark!

    Everything that you care about will still be there when you find them again after you complete your studies, and with a little planning you can probably find time to spend doing them in between all the rest of it. Keep your wits about you, and attend to your work, but give yourself time for yourself as you can.

    You look absolutely lovely in these photos, and you do not appear to be stressed in the least! Your smile illuminates every frame with you in it, and your companions are very lucky to count you among them.

    Let’s hear some more about your life now. These are the good old days, you know!

    Warm regards…..John H.

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