Debates and Drawings

Just over a week ago, I went to the Union, where organized religion’s harm to society was debated.  After queueing for over an hour, and then waiting for an hour more already in my seat, the debate finally started.  I was looking forward to Richard Dawkins’ speech of course, and, not wanting to miss a word that came out of his mouth, I hadn’t taken my camera.  But as I had come straight from the library, I still had pen and paper, and soon found myself sketching the speakers.

(With regards to the debate, it was very interesting, and also very civil.  Most of the speakers made good points, though I wished the topic was one where Dawkins’ brilliance could be made clearer:  he’s not a sociologist, and he couldn’t use his arguments against the existence of god or use his knowledge of science for this topic.)

DSC_0026_1DSC_0016_1 DSC_0020_1 DSC_0022_1 DSC_0024_1 DSC_0012_1

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3 Responses to Debates and Drawings

  1. Dawkins was utterly awful in that debate. By far the worst speaker. He just wheeled out the same spiel which you can find easily on Youtube. One needn’t be a sociologist to understand that this debate wasn’t about the veracity nor plausibility of religion. Anyway, rest of the debate was rather good.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say he was awful (I’ve definitely seen worse speakers at Union debates), but he didn’t really contribute anything. In any case, I think it’s exciting that we get the opportunity to hear all these people speak (or occasionally yell at each other). Looking forward to Roger Penrose’s talk on Wednesday!

  2. jjhiii24 says:

    I’m going to say the third image down is Dawkins… They are all interesting renderings though… impressionistic and emphatic caricatures which capture a slice of the one being rendered… they are very busy sketches… which might have been given a bit too much attention… sometimes less is more….

    I believe Dawkins is gifted… too bad he is wasting his gifts by applying them to such an unproductive subject area. His unimaginative materialism leaves his readers wanting in my view.

    Now Roger Penrose….there is a thinker and scientist with whom I would love to chat… Looking forward to your report of that talk…..John H.

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