Keeping myself sane…

Term goes on, and stress levels continue to rise.  So it’s nice that I have my sketchbook to keep me company and prevent my brain from exploding (and also because I get bored in the middle of the night when I’m too exhausted to study but still can’t sleep).

Here’s some of what I’ve been sketching.
headphones drawing pic1 King's cow pic3 melancholia drawing across the universe drawing

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One Response to Keeping myself sane…

  1. jjhiii24 says:

    You have a lovely eye for capturing the essential in your subjects when you draw, and even though your technical execution is quite good, as a consumer of your artwork, it seems to me that you would benefit greatly by pressing yourself even harder in both composition, and in the level of refinement of your technique. I realize that you are, to some degree, simply filling in the spaces between stressors in your studies, it’s just that you clearly have such a talent for drawing, and with minimal additional effort, you could raise the level of your output greatly, in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for sharing these…..let’s see some more!……John H.

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