Procrastination Steampunk-style

All the studying made me want to make something with my hands–yes, like middle school arts-and-crafts.  But lacking any arts-and-crafts supplies, I gathered a screwdriver, pocket knife, some pliers, and whatever pretty-looking (read:  shiny) objects I could find unused around the house.

I ended up taking apart three broken watches.

And cutting a rather deep gash in my finger in the process.

Then, finding myself with shiny watch-bits, I had to pretend to have done something useful.  So the broken useless watch-bits became “jewelry”.  Here is the photographic evidence (just of the end result, not the blood).

Broken Watch Earring Broken watch earring Broken watch necklace Steampunk crafting adventures

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2 Responses to Procrastination Steampunk-style

  1. yarnycakes says:

    I love the necklace!

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