April 20: Thank you note from altitude 30000 feet

Due to my leaving the US for Cambridge only a few days before my birthday, I got all of my presents from my family in advance.

And they’re fantastic!  I’m sitting on the airplane writing this, and listening to the Kaiser Chiefs on these earphones my grandparents sent me.  Might I say they even make the flight tolerable?  I love them, and though I’ll still use my massive headphones when just in my room, or at home, having small earphone will be great for between-lecture walks and emergency use in the library.  The sound quality is awesome, and they are surprisingly comfortable seeing as though I dislike earplugs.


Unfortunately, I can’t use the other super-cool present on the plane:  a week before I left, my granddad came for dinner and brought me two gourds and bombillas (plus a straw cleaner) for yerba mate tea!  One of them was just carved in Argentina, since the store was apparently out of stock.  They were even wrapped in Buenos Aires newspapers (which I totally read to prove my knowledge of Spanish to myself).  Let’s just say, immediately after I went to buy some yerba mate to start using the gourds.

Yerba Mate Gourds Mate Gourd 2 Mate Gourd 1

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