West Coast Adventures: Temperate Rainforest

After the ASSC conference in San Diego was over, my real vacation began: I flew north to Tacoma, WA.  There, my grandparents met me, RV already packed.  In the days that followed, camped in my grandparents’ RV by the ocean, I definitely got my fill of nature!

Though we were only there for three days, there was a lot to see, so I was glad to borrow my granddad’s fantastic (though heavy) camera, to make up for leaving mine at home before the conference.

Hiking in the pine and moss-filled temperate rainforest was amazing–though any calories burned were immediately regained through nature-food.  Relying on my ability to recognize berries, I ate huckleberries off trail-side bushes by the handful! 

Below are some pictures from our rainforest walks.


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One Response to West Coast Adventures: Temperate Rainforest

  1. jjhiii24 says:


    These images are superb in a number of ways. You have a keen sense of pleasing composition, and you are creative in your choices of perspective and subject. I’ve been enjoying your photographic entries all along, but these images show a real progression in your execution and the development of your photographic skills.

    If I may say so, the inclusion of the image of you in this series was the highlight for me. It gives your readers an insight into the character of the person creating the images. You are a vital component of the beauty apparent in that environment.

    I also would be glad to read about your impressions from the conference. I am hoping you have the opportunity to post about your experiences there as well.

    Regards……John H.

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