Gulped, Swallowed, or Chewed

One great thing about being home from college is the vast assortment of food ingredients and cooking appliances/utensils.  Every time I’m back, I make certain to try out a few new recipes–especially some (reasonably) healthy yet decadent desserts.  Tonight, we had some really delicious fresh figs in the fridge, and the remnants of some cottage cheese my granddad made.  So I grilled the figs (with brown sugar, almonds, and walnuts) and whisked the cottage cheese with honey and vanilla.  The result, dumped everything in a bowl with raspberries, was amazing–especially with German sparking wine. If only I could transport my entire kitchen (and parents to help out with cooking) to Cambridge with me next month!

Grilled Fig DessertGrilled Fig Dessert

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2 Responses to Gulped, Swallowed, or Chewed

  1. kimetzel84 says:

    I’m so impressed! This is beautiful. And I can’t believe your Granddad made cottage cheese. Wow! Did you use fresh vanilla bean in the cheese? Thanks for sharing?

    • Thanks! Yes, my granddad makes it every other week, so there’s usually a plentiful supply lying around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have fresh vanilla bean; just vanilla extract. I’ve actually never used the whole bean before. Is it worth it?

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