A Room with a View

This is the first year I’m living in college: in the first photograph, the second window from the top is mine!

While I love the view to the river, and the bay window, and the proximity to everything, there are a few minuses…

For one, the swarms of ladybugs that moved in just a day after I did. (Luckily, I think they’ve mostly gone now that it’s gotten colder.) Speaking of cold, my windows don’t close properly, meaning that on particularly windy days, it’s windy in my room as well. Maybe because they’re 400, 6oo year old?

Despite the cold, yesterday was a beautiful sunny autumn day. So just before the sun went down, I managed to sketch by the last half hour of daylight, on a bench across the back lawn. The page of sketches is below the two photographs.

View to KingsA vew from Rebecca's window at King's - her room is right above the river.King's Sketches

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