When the Rain Stops

Cambridge is beautiful in the sun. Actually, I suppose it’s beautiful regardless, but you tend not to notice when you’re running home from lecture, getting drenched and wrestling with the wind.

In any case, this winter has been so unusually rainy that I try to take advantage of every brief spell of sunshine.

The first sunny day, I even took my camera with me on my walk, hoping to catch (and photograph) the much-discussed flooding. Unfortunately (or, I suppose fortunately), the river had been drained by the time the sun came out, so the flooding wasn’t particularly photo-worthy. Nonetheless, the golden light of the afternoon was so irresistible that neither I nor my camera could complain (and in fact, I was able to find some remnants of the flood—the trees growing out of what appeared to be a lake!).









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One Response to When the Rain Stops

  1. jjhiii24 says:

    Your location and your skill in capturing it are both magnificent. It is enviable in the extreme to imagine living in such a place, and to have such an eye for beauty. It is a generous gift you bestow by sharing in this way, and a privilege to share it with someone so talented. It is reassuring to know that someone with such an eye exists in the world today, who is also mindful of the magnitude of the opportunity which provides such beauty to contemplate.

    With much admiration….John H.

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