It’s Summertime

Tuesday morning was, at first, exactly what I had expected: after stumbling off the airplane, rubbing my eyes, and making my way around Heathrow airport, I plopped my backpack on the seat next to me on the National Express coach (hoping there were enough seats that I wouldn’t have to free the seat for another passenger. As always, my main concern was to avoid wearing those awful restraining seat-belts. (Seriously, National Express buses are the first I’ve ever seen that even have seat-belts, let alone make you wear them! But if, for whatever reason, you want sleep-deprived travelers to wear seat-belts on a bus, is it really so hard to make them a bit more comfortable? If car-makers can do it, so can you! Anyway…)

Though I did doze off toward the end of the three-and-a-half hour ride to Cambridge, most of the time, I was blinking into the sunlight, wondering what seemed odd about the landscape… and then it hit me–it’s green! All the trees have leaves! It’s summer here!

All the way to my room, I continued to marvel (and still do!) at the difference between the UK almost-summer and the Ohio snow I had just left behind. The sun filters through the new leaves, which are still translucent and fresh, so the light reaches me tinted–normally, I picture Cambridge as golden in the sun; now, it is green.

King's College

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