The Final Affair

My time as a Cambridge undergraduate is rapidly coming to a close: Wednesday night was my last ever King’s Affair. So I painted my hair blue and my face silver and headed (as Disney’s Hades) to the Subterranean themed party.

While last year, I spend most of the time playing laser tag, riding bumper cars, or climbing through the inflatable obstacle course, this year, I also made it to the main stage  (a tent in the King’s front lawn) to see some bands play. Of note were Laid Blak (an awesome reggae band) and Electric Swing Circus (who played, well, electric swing). The music was too loud of course (as is the case at most concerts), but with tissues stuffed in my ears, I was free to dance to exhaustion.

I did take a few photos (below) throughout the night, but mainly I was too busy having fun.


In the queue and already having a good time


A Freudian slip and a fox…



Hades and the Devil


The two pharaohs


The Rainbow Cafe is a restaurant in a basement across the street from King’s. It’s literally underground. So this costume works


Hades with very blue hair, which it turns out glows under UV light! This made me very happy, even though I couldn’t see my own hair… Luckily, the Rainbow Cafe was nice enough to take this picture for me as proof.



Laid Blak


Electric Swing Circus


Electric Swing Circus

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