Baking and Brunch

Today has consisted predominantly of consuming food. Lots of food.

The first year neuroscience students, now dispersed across different rotation labs, decided to reunite for brunch. For my part, a gathering of nearly 15 people seemed like a good opportunity for a baking experiment: since I have the misfortune of only having one stomach, baking for myself is generally not worth it. So I woke up in time to bake a peach-carrot loaf, before bringing it over to the brunch.

It turned out I needed multiple stomachs anyway, however, since besides my cake (loaf? bread?), there were also doughnuts, crepes, bagels, shakshuka (an exciting egg tomato dish I’d never heard of before), fruits, and probably other things I can’t remember but also ate.

We ate nonstop for about 2 hours, and only managed to devour half the food. And since my baking experiment actually turned out well, I continued munching on it after coming home. Needless to say, I’m stuffed! I just hope my roommate will help me finish the remainder of the cake.

For anyone curious, the cake was made pretty much according to this recipe: Obligatory cake photos below.

Peach Carrot Loaf

Peach Carrot LoafPeach Carrot Loaf

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