Back in the US, as a Neuroscience PhD student at Columbia University, trying to survive in New York City.

[Here I am, an American student at Cambridge University, documenting–in writing and photographs–my learning experience, the culture shock, and other unrelated random thoughts.]


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  1. jjhiii24 says:

    Hello American Student at Cambridge University!

    This predicament of yours, being an actual Cambridge University student who also happens to be an American, sounds like a dream come true. I’ve only been browsing through the entries for a day or so, but already I am enormously jealous of your opportunity to study there, and intrigued by your willingness to share it with your readers.

    You seem to have a flair for the narrative form and expository writing, and there is much benefit for the reader when the writer takes such an approach to blogging. I hope you intend to sustain your blog throughout your university experience, as I suspect I will be following for as long as you are.

    Have I missed it or not arrived yet at the location where you describe your area of emphasis at the university and your future goals as an educated person? What is your destination career wise? I’m guessing you will be near the top of whatever field it is, and not surprised if you find yourself being asked for autographs at some point down the road.

    Looking forward to continuing to read here. Great Blog!

    John H.

  2. Hello John!

    Thanks so much! I really do love writing, even though that is quite unrelated to my area of study.

    I’m officially studying Natural Sciences (the subject for the undergraduate degree is rather broad, at least in title), but am going to concentrate in neuroscience or experimental psychology. I eventually hope to do research in cognitive neuroscience, preferably focussing on consciousness.

    I really like your blog as well, and look forward to combing through it.


    • jjhiii24 says:

      What a challenging and fascinating goal you have set for yourself! The area of cognitive neuroscience is brimming with potential for someone of your talents, and I have no doubt but that you will be blazing new trails in your journey as you navigate this revolutionary field.

      My own endeavors in the subject area of consciousness have been as an independent freelance entity, and the entries in my blog are the first tentative steps to articulate the results of years of independent study, opening the vault of my work which has taken these many years to accumulate.

      I hope you will find much of interest in combing through it, and that you will feel compelled to share your own thoughts and challenge my ideas as a blossoming expert in the field. I hope to be one of the many beneficiaries of your efforts as you progress, and that perhaps you may come to regard our connection as worthwhile.

      Looking forward to sharing in your success and future writings….John H.

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